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She had come back to look for us, apparently we had been dawdling!On the way back to the car Alec and I managed to hang back a bit.You can't just say, 'darling can I fuck Sandy, please'?!!" Sandy linked arms with us and we set off again, arriving at the car a short while later.Alec came in grinning, "Right I've got the 'green light,' on the condition that the four of us get together soon!" A short while later Sandy came down and said, "That's much better, now what shall we do for supper?We didn't have a chance to speak until after the picnic, but Alec flirted mildly with Sandy, and would look at me with a raised eyebrow, I just shrugged, noticing that Sandy seemed to be responding to the flirting!

" He laughed and replied, "No, just leave it to me.

Right, lets get too the car and get home, I feel sweaty and could do with a shower!

How do you two think I felt when Rosemary said, 'Enjoy yourself this evening.' and I said, 'What do you mean?

"Darling, let Alec fuck me now, I want to cum on his prick, ooh, aargh, please ...nearly there!

As I pulled out she turned onto her front raised her arse and said.

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