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If you can please confirm that this is your ACTUAL policy of ordering items online, and show me that this is truly fasttech wanting and taking my information, I would feel more comfortable.

Also I'm wondering if there is any way around this?

What is then the negative side of this development?

(2010) noted that many Malaysian consumers display compulsive buying behaviour, and with the easy accessibility to credit, this behaviour has led to exorbitant debt.

If you do not wish to complete the verification process, you may cancel your order and re-order using Pay Pal.

In such case please simply reply to us and let us know. Kind regards, Lydia"So, I went along with it and sent the picture of the credit card.

Originality/value: Despite vast research on compulsive buying and credit card misuse, very few studies have examined it in the non-Western context. Introduction Credit card is a mode of payment that is widely used by consumers to purchase goods and services on credit.

The growth in credit card usage is parallel with the growth in other types of consumer credits such as bank overdrafts, personal loans, hire purchase and others.

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Login to our support site: https://support.fasttech.com/tickets3. Under open tickets, click on the ticket number of this ticket.4.Findings: The findings reveal that budget constraints, impulsive buying and materialism have a statistically significant influence on compulsive buying.In terms of credit card misuse, it is influenced negatively by self-esteem while positively by compulsive buying.Furthermore, many Malaysian consumers are prone to exhibit compulsive buying behaviour.In an environment such as this, easy accessibility to credit cards has led to harmful circumstances such as excessive debts among Malaysians.

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